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Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue
Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue
Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue
Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue
Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue
Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue
Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue
Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs Blue

Kids' Muckster Lite Clogs

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We offer a variety of cuts and fits to accommodate a diverse customer base, and the exact sizing will vary slightly between styles. Please follow our measuring guide to work out which UK size you are.
1-3 Infant 6 14.6
Infant 7 15.4
Infant 8 15.9
4-6 Infant 9 16.6
Infant 10 17.1
Infant 11 17.8
Infant 12 18.3
Infant 13 19.2
7-10 Junior 1 19.7
Junior 2 20.4
Junior 3 21.3
Junior 4 21.9
Junior 5 22.6
Junior 6 23.5

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Introducing an innovative one-piece kids' clog from Muck Boots. Inspired by our beloved Muckster collection, the Muckster Lite Clog is 50% lighter and provides excellent support and comfort for all-day wear. The Muckster Lite Clog is built from a high-performance, lightweight foam called Bio Lite which is ultra-durable and easy to clean. The upper features side ventilation holes for breathability and drainage for water and debris. This entire clog is constructed from Bio Lite which is eco-friendlier than many other injection moulded foams. Bio Lite has been granted a Green Leaf certificate by Intertek, an accredited independent Third Party testing facility, verifying that this product will properly biodegrade in bioreactor landfills. Landfill bio-degradation validated utilising the ISO 15985 test method. These Muckster Lite Clogs offer a lighter footprint for your little one's feet and the planet.
  • 100% Water-friendly
  • One-piece EVA; lightweight and easy to slip on/off
  • Breathable side ports for water drainage and comfort
  • Textured insole for comfort, grip and support
  • Easy-to-clean, hand washable, quick drying material
  • Eco-friendlier Bio Lite outsole that is lightweight and durable
  • Landfill bio-degradation validated utilising ISO 15985 test method
  • Biodegradable - up to 3 years in accommodating environment
  • Outsole designed for light duty use on firmer surfaces
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All Muck® Boots are constructed with high-grade materials and natural rubber. As a natural material, it is important your rubber boots are maintained and stored appropriately to help prolong their life.
The rubber and neoprene upper are very durable and clean up easily with tepid water to remove mud, debris and any contaminants. Allow to dry naturally at room temperature and condition regularly to keep the rubber supple. There are many examples of rubber boot care products on the market including Grangers Rubber Boot Care Spray.
For leather uppers use a suitable leather care product. Once dry, any woven/fabric upper panels can be gently brushed with a soft brush to remove any remaining mud.
Read more on our Care Guide.