Your Feet are Amazing

Your feet are amazing. Controversial I know, as most people will say they hate their feet and feet in general.  

However, consider the feat (no pun intended) of engineering that is your feet. 

26 bones, over 80 different articulations, capable of tri-planar movement, the ability to attenuate the impact of human motion while at the same time providing the rigid lever about which your entire body weight is lifted then propelled forward. 

Your feet are special. 

And yet they spend so much of the time in ill-thought through footwear choices that when they acheget cold or smell we tend to blame our feet and not our boots/shoes. 

Footwear has three primary functions – protection from the environment, protection from the climate and traction. 

At Muck Boot this is a minimum standard we work to. Over and above this we strive to ensure we offer the best fit possible. Last design is crucial for optimal fit. Our lasts are designed to accommodate the physical differences between mens, womens and kids feet and their varying gait patterns. 

Our neoprene bootie construction is at the heart of our boots. Our neoprene completely envelops your foot, is self-insulating, soft and comfortable and 100% waterproof. Providing a great environment for your foot when in the great outdoors. 

Your feet are incredibly sensitive. Proprioceptors on the sole detect minute changes in terrain, temperature and traction allowing your brain to make all the minute muscular adjustments to keep you fully functioning on two feet.  

As flexible platforms they adapt to keep you upright – try it! Stand on one foot and as you sway feel how your foot adapts to prevent you from falling. 

Hand laid natural rubber overlays help protect your foot and the neoprene from the environment and a range of outsole patterns finish the boot with appropriate traction – whether its mud, snow, slush or ice our boots are fully muck proof. 

Choose appropriate footwear that keeps your foot dry and comfortable at a suitable temperature. 

Ensure you have the right traction so you can concentrate on the job in hand not on staying upright. 

Opt for footwear with wicking materials that help your foot breathe. 

Keep your feet clean (obvs). 

Trim your nails. 

Seek professional help if you have any issues – corns, hard skin, fungal infections, bunions etc. 

Buy shoes and boots that fit. Any sizing reference is a guide. If they fit – they fit so wherever possible try before you buy. 

As Da Vinci said “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” So, look after them so they can look after you.  

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