World Wetlands Day 2022

Over the course of the last century, much of the world’s wetlands have disappeared, allied to this we have lost so much of the wildlife that relies upon this important habitat. 

Ducks flying in front of the reed beds.

But thankfully the tide is turning, and some of our best-known conservation organisations, landowners and local communities are instigating a revival of our existing wetlands but also restoring former drained areas back to their original wetland status. 

Swans in flight.

Wetlands are one of our most wildlife rich and diverse environments, these areas are home to a huge diversity of life, insects such as dragonflies and damselflies, a whole host of wading birds such as curlew and snipe, numerous species of waterfowl such as swans, ducks and geese, an abundance of mammals such as otter and beaver, and they are a plant haven for botanists. 

Two Snipe on a floodplain.

Wetlands are very much a natural contributor to fighting climate change. Decaying plant matter in waterlogged conditions means wetlands can be hugely important for holding carbon and will naturally hold a lot of surplus water out of the rivers that would otherwise cause flooding further down river.

Curlew standing in water.

Going forward it is imperative that policies are in place to protect wetlands. Water abstraction must be reduced, wildlife will return, healthier wetlands will lock up more carbon and will be home to a greater diversity of wildlife.  

As a Wildlife Photographer, wetlands are amazing stress-free places to visit. In the UK organisations such as the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, RSPB and Wildlife Trusts continue to maintain some awesome wetland centres to visit, and the hope going forward is that these organisations can maintain and continue to create new wetlands both here in the UK and beyond.

About Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a full time Wildlife Photographer and Guide, based in North Wales close by to the beauty and ruggedness of the Welsh Coast and Snowdonia. Since an early age Gary had a passion for the outdoors and especially Wildlife and now travels far and wide to photograph Wildlife.

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