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Some of you will have noticed we have changed our Ice Grip (Vibram Arctic Grip) selection to Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain.
So, what is the difference and what does that mean for you?
The introduction of Vibram Arctic Grip to the Muck Boot collection saw two of the world’s leaders in outdoor footwear innovation collaborate to bring a combination of outstanding comfort, warmth and weather resilience, with a novel technology specifically engineered and designed to perform on wet ice.
Using a unique polymer blend, advanced filler systems and a new processing technique, Vibram Arctic Grip provides outstanding traction on wet ice and utilises ICETREK for dry ice traction.
However, the reality of cold weather for many of us from more temperate latitudes often means that crisp, fresh snow and ice becomes wet snow and ice, becomes slush, becomes a sticky mess. Or frozen areas only remain in patches where the sun doesn’t penetrate.
Introducing Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain!
Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain marks the evolution of the proven Vibram Arctic Grip compound, by adding Vibram’s newest compound and lug pattern, XS TREK EVO.

Vibram Arctic Grip continues to provide the excellent grip and traction on wet ice surfaces we have become accustomed to, while Vibram XS TREK EVO adds durability and superior grip on both wet and dry surfaces, offering extended use for all terrains.
Vibram Arctic Grip All Terrain effectively extends the winter traction season from the icy depths of full winter to the shoulder seasons when the ice and snow is melting or intermittent.

Woman walking through an icy field

In short we have taken nothing away from the performance you would expect from Vibram Arctic Grip but working with Vibram® we have added technology and value to the same trusted silhouettes.

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