The first instalment of Muck Boot European Brand Anthem series

In the first instalment of our European Brand Anthem series – we head to Sweden to meet Nathalie Larsson. European Champion and former Olympian sports shooter, Nathalie lives with her husband, son and two dogs - foraging and hunting to put delicious dishes on the family dinner table.

Nathalie Larsson portrait

By Nathalie Larsson

Growing up in the country with animals and nature constantly present has really shaped me and how I live today. Ever since I was little, I have accompanied my parents in the forest – hunting, picking berries and mushrooms and I’ve learned a lot about plants and animals. 

I love filling the freezer with berries, mushrooms and meat in the fall and then being able to live on it for the rest of the year. The feeling when I can serve a dinner to my family, where I have hunted the animal, butchered, prepared, and cooked it all by myself is unbeatable.

Nathalie and her husband preparing a barbeque, wearing a pair of Muck Boots

I have two dogs that I hunt moose and wild boar with and when they cooperate, it is incredibly fun to hunt with them. Other times when nothing works, it is not as fun, but it is part of the game. It doesn’t always go as planned!

Nathalie out with one of her dogs, wearing a pair of Muck Boots

When I have shot a game, my son often joins in the butchering. He thinks it’s fun and I recognise myself as a child in him. He asks a lot and wants to know everything. I like to tell stories and try to convey the same feeling that my father conveyed to me. It also feels so good to teach him where food comes from and why you hunt. He joins the hunt sometimes and thinks it’s okay – but he loves fishing. He has enormous patience and can stand a whole day throwing his rod. Both my husband and I also enjoying fishing, so it is a perfect activity for the whole family. Perch is one of our absolute favourites on the dinner table!

We don’t grow as much in the garden as I would like to, but right now there are currants, raspberries, rhubarb, and apples that my husband and I try to take care of as much as possible. We make must from the apples (pressed juice), jelly from the currants and jam from the raspberries. Rhubarb usually makes delicious pies.

Nathalie working in the garden wearing a pair of Muck Boots

Living close to nature is a must for me – it gives me peace of mind that I can’t find anywhere else!

Sunrise over a field

Watch Nathalie’s story here.

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