Sausage Making Masterclass

Sausage Making Class

By Zoe Colville, The Chief Shepherdess  
I am a tenant farmer based in Kent, Southeast England. We started our butcher's shop The Little Farm Fridge in lockdown last year, selling our produce directly from the farm, conscious of carbon footprint and giving the consumer full traceability. We have offered a few sausage making masterclasses which consists of the participants receiving a package with all they need to make some sausages for a lovely dinner (minus the wine!). They also log on for a zoom workshop to talk through the process and to help if they get in a muddle (which is to be expected the first try!). It is a really fun activity for everyone, and the kids can even get involved and get mucky if they want to as well! 
Here’s how: 
1. Soak the sausage casings (pig intestines!) in water in the fridge overnight to soften. 

2. Thirty minutes before you are ready to pipe, rinse them under a tap and soak in lukewarm water on the kitchen side.

3. Load up your sausage meat in the sausage stuffer. You can purchase ready-made from The Little Farm Fridge or make your own using high welfare pork mince, breadcrumbs (rusk) and flavour of choice for example sage or leeks etc.

4. Once loaded you can feed your casings or skins onto the funnel leaving an inch overhang at the end of the nozzle.

5. Slowly turn the handle so that the meat fills the casings and feed the skin off of the nozzle.

6. Once you've run out of sausage meat you can cut the skin and begin "linking" your bangers!

7. Choose the desired length of sausage and pinch and twist, do the same with another two so you have three made sausages.

8. Lay two next to each other and twist them together and the third poke through the hole so they are secure.

9. Keep going until you have a row of sausages all linked together, I appreciate this is incredibly complicated to explain so you can see a video on my page @thechiefshepherdess on the IGTV section or YouTube has some brilliant videos on just linking also.

10.  Have fun guys! 

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