RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021

Woman smiling in front of Muck Boot stand

For Chelsea Flower Show 2021, The Original Muck Boot Company and My Little Allotment have partnered to create a unique space that focuses on the importance of growing your own and gardening therapy. The concept garden aims to enlighten visitors’ consciousness with sensory planting paths and upcycled sculptures that are designed circular to signify ‘The Circle of Life’ and the continuous nature of wellbeing and nature itself. 

Welcome Board to Muck Boot area

Exploring the importance of gardening therapy and the benefits it can have on improving physical, social, and physiological wellbeing, the planting colour theme from dark to light was designed to signify the journey of mental health.

With sustainability in mind, Muck’s little allotment was filled with pumpkins and rhubarb grown by My Little Allotment and recycled wood were used for seating areas, which were then donated to local woodland areas following the show.

Pumpkin, rhubarb and a watering can underneath a 5 star award for Muck Boot

The vibrancy of the new Muck RHS collection was used to signify the light among the garden, alongside the use of completely bio-diverse, bee-friendly native UK flowers and plants. All these enriching features gave visitors to the stand an all-round visual and physical experience to show the positive impact gardening therapy can have on the mind.

Man planting native UK flowers

This year, Muck Boots' garden was created by @SaveTheBees_UK, who have sustainability at the heart of everything they do, from volunteering on community projects to being made trustee for the West Kent Downs Countryside Trust. Sustainable Garden Solutions aim to create, develop, maintain, and link a range of habitats, rich in biodiversity, creating aesthetically pleasing, sustainable spaces that both humans and accompanied native wildlife can coexist in, together, peacefully.

Plant pot with a variety of plants, flowers and hand installation in the middle

About My Little Allotment: Following her own personal struggles with mental wellbeing, in 2017 Kirsty Ward - best known as My Little Allotment - discovered the healing potential of gardening and how it proved to be a great focus therapy for overcoming PTSD. Kirsty uses her platform to openly talk about her journey on the allotment and openly share her mental health struggles, whilst also inspiring her followers to grow their own.

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