Interview with Photographer Tom Porter

How did you get into Photography? 

I got into photography from a young age, as I would always see my Gramp with a camera and would always love the photos he took. Fast forward 10 years and I decided to study photography at college where I learnt a lot of the basics of photography, and after 2 years and a lot of learning I came out with a triple distinction, now it has been my career for over 10 years, and I love it.  

I have shot everything from footwear to cars, sports to weddings, landscapes to wildlife and love photographing anything and everything.  


What are your favourite Muck boots? 

My favourite Muck Boots will have to be my Edgewater Classic. The thick neoprene helps keep my feet nice and warm whilst on cold and frosty walks. I also like that they are flexible, especially if I’m out with my camera and need to get a low angle shot and I don’t end up fighting against my wellies. I love the colour of the lining and how you can fold the boot down to make it almost an ankle welly if it gets hot 


What fancy equipment do you use? 

I use 2 Canon bodies with various Sigma art prime lenses, however you don’t need expensive equipment to take great photos. Most phones these days have really good quality camera built into them and a photograph is all about light; if you have good light then your will have a good photo. Go out and experiment! 


What is your favourite thing about photography?  

There are so many things I love about photography. The reaction on the faces of my wedding clients when they get their photos back. The fun I have with families on shoots and capturing memories. Working with brands on bringing their products to life. But the best thing is how creative you can be. 


Any tips for photographers just starting out? 

Find something you are excited about and something that is easily accessible, then just start taking photos. Experiment with different light, with light in different places to form shadows in different areas. Learn what happens when you change settings on your camera. Most importantly have fun!  

Instagram: @tomporterphotography 


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