First of Muck Boot's 25th Anniversary series


For a quarter of a century, the Original Muck® Boot Company has been synonymous with waterproof reliability, crafting footwear designed for life's muckiest challenges. Muck® Boots began with a simple vision: to provide hardworking people with comfortable boots that were built to take on the elements. From the very inception, we recognised the need for footwear that could withstand the most adverse conditions, and that commitment to quality and innovation has remained unwavering to this day.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our commitment to our products and those who rely on them continues to drive us forward.

Image on the left of an adult and child walking along a grassy path with low lying hills around them. On the right is a person walking in a field herding three cows with a low lying rocky hill in the background


Honouring our 25th anniversary we travelled to the Isle of Muck, Scotland, to find out what Muck means to this community who live and work in the muck every day. Inhabited by a mere 38 people and nestled off the west coast of Scotland, this community of dedicated individuals challenge the winds, the seas, and this unforgiving landscape everyday with the indomitable spirit of those who literally live life in the muck.

On the left is a man wearing a flat cap, brown jacket, jeans and a pair of Muck Boots, walking on a rocky hillside with a black dog. On the right is a woman wearing an orange beanie hat, green jacket, jeans and a pair of Muck Boots, throwing a toy into the sea for a dog to collect

These islanders embody the very essence of the Muck brand; facing challenges in their everyday lives presented by the unforgiving climate of the island. Each of these individuals is deeply connected to the weather, the land, and the sea, relying on each other to sustain their community by crofting, hunting, and fishing.

On the left is a person wearing blue and lime green coveralls, sorting through a fishing crate on a jetty. On the right is a man wearing a pair of Muck Boots walking through long grass in the countryside, with dead pheasants slung over his back.


As we commemorate our 25th anniversary, the Isle of Muck serves as a reminder of our mission to provide reliable and durable footwear for those who work, farm and live in the most challenging environments on earth.

Here’s to 25 years of supporting the resilient spirit of those who brave the elements, exemplifying what it means to live life in the Muck.

Welcome to Muck.

Close up image of a person wearing a pair of 25th anniversary Muck Boots wellingtons


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