Camping Essentials

Travel restrictions and soaring costs saw a resurgence for holidays closer to home – the staycation.

As a consequence, camping has had something of a renaissance.

Of course, camping can mean many things from the traditional to the high tech and now inclusive of a whole new generation of those experiencing “van life”.

Whether wild camping in a bivy, using the latest multi-room inflatable tent, driving a motor home, or towing a caravan, many are enjoying the freedom of the open road and appreciating the amazing countryside has to offer. 

Two camping tents amongst a picturesque field with a river running through and mountains in the background

From the mountains of Scotland and Wales to the English Riviera this lifestyle offers choice. How you sleep, when you sleep, and where you sleep.

However, the great outdoors rarely, if ever, allows us to choose the weather.

Moving around a campsite brings its own challenges, whether calling at the site shop for milk or making the midnight shuffle to the toilet block, the right footwear can make the experience so much more comfortable.

For the fair-weather tourist Muck Boots utility styles are a great companion. The Muckster Lite Boots and Clogs offer lightweight, easy to carry and easy to wear options whether coping with spring showers or summer dew underfoot.

Close up image of the heel of a black pair of Muck Boot Muckster Lite boots stood on grass

For the more determined camper we offer more robust styles like the ladies Arctic Sport II Ankle or the Woody Sport Ankle for men.

For those with a more adventurous outlook we have a full range of mid and tall boots designed to cope with everything the weather can offer – summer or winter, rain or shine.

So, in the words of the Boy Scouts – “be prepared”. Committing to the alfresco lifestyle is wonderful – but is all the more comfortable with a commitment to the right equipment…and footwear!

Close up image of a man sat outside of a cafe wearing jeans and a pair of green Muck Boot Muckster Lite Clogs

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